Bernard SYMZAK ( GTE, AQA)
Véronique Dargier de Saint Vaulry


Centre Equestre de Montcharlon

58 170 CHIDDES

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The horses



A week riding in the Morvan region

The Morvan is a green area in the center of the Burgundy region that will astonish you due to the diversity of landscapes and the uncountable miles of unpaved country roads perfectly suited for outdoors riding.


30 to 40 miles journeys, long and frequent runs, abrupt down hill passages and lakes will be the joy of sporty outdoors riders.  Lovers of history will not be disappointed either.  This region is a green desert, far away from busy highways and, a long time ago, crossed by migrating helvets. Julius Cesar and Vercingétorix fought their war in this region. Bibracte witnessed the times of the Celt civilization in Europe. Bernard de Clervaux preached at Vézelay during his second crusade.  We honor the memory of Vauban when we cross his tomb and we will remember the times when wood used to float down the rivers Cure and Yonne towards Paris.

Adventure, relaxation, strong emotions, sensations and gastronomy will make this week an unforgettable trip.


Program :

1st day : Arrival at the riding center of Montcharlon, located in Chiddes. Welcoming diner and night at a close by hotel.
2nd day
 : Departure towards Bibracte where you will discover the land of the « Gaulois » right after you ride up to Mont Beuvray, located at 800m from sea level, the highest spot of the trip.  Diner and night at Arleuf.
3rd day
 : Long journey across the green desert and the Foling and Anost forests.  With a bit of luck, we will reach the Settons lake, where we will rest.
4th day
 : Our hoses will turn into salmons and will ride up the river and up to the Perouse Rock where the breathtaking scenery will be engraved in your minds for ever. We will rest at Saint Agnan.
5th day
 : Long journey, approximately 40 miles, down the river Cure and towards Vezelay.  This village is the starting point of the Saint Jacques de Compostelle circuit.  Here was built the famous Basilique of Sainte Madeleine where Bernard de Clervaux preached his second crusade site.
6th day
 : We spend the morning walking and visiting Vezelay.  Short journey to reach Pierre Perthuis and its famous two bridges.  The afternoon ride, 25 to 30 miles, will allow us to enjoy long runs that will take us to Château de Lantilly in approximately 3 hours. Diner and night at the Château.
7th day
 : We go towards the Pannessière Lake where we will swim with our horses. We stay at Château Chinon.

8th day
 : A journey through the forest and up and down the hills will take us back to the riding center.  Diner at the center and night at the same hotel where you stayed the first night.


Lodging :

You will sleep at typical regional small hotels where we will find a comfortable bed and a warm shower to rest after our active daily journey.


Food :

Evening meals will be taken at the hotel.  Lunch will be generous, inspired by traditional country cooking, warm or cold according to the weather.  At noon, it is always a pleasure to see from far away a well-dressed table, in the middle of a field, waiting for us.


The horses :
We know that the key to a horse trip is the horses.  That is why we have chosen and breed our own. They are all born in the Morvan region and they have lived all their life in the same region.  They are calm, well in their heads but, when need be or when requested, they are fast and generous.  They are capable of anything, they will surprise you and they will allow you to experience a unique riding trip and to discover a new form of riding.