Bernard SYMZAK ( GTE, AQA)
Véronique Dargier de Saint Vaulry

TGV horse ride in the south of Burgundy 

Program :

Imagine yourself at 7:30 AM, in Paris, on Saturday morning, jumping on the fast riding train, TGV No. 643, going to Montchanin. At 8:52 AM, you get off the train, you have just enough time to eat a bite for breakfast that will be waiting for you next to the horses. Soon thereafter, you meet the horse and grab the saddle that will enable you to discover the south of the Burgundy region. Very quickly we will be immersed in the green fields going towards the well known medieval city of Saint Gengoux le National. We will cross villages full of history and we will ride by plenty of original roman churches.  We will reach Saint Gengoux at the end of our first journey thanks to our usual fast pace and sustained rhythm, which will be interrupted by a calm pause when we will enjoy the pleasures of French gastronomy.

The second day, the landscape will be more rude and hilly.  At the hills of Clunysois, located between the val de Saône and Charolais, you will enjoy the superb and outstanding view of these two unique regions. A thousand years ago, Cluny was a centerpoint of western civilization and a reference for the Christian world. We will have the pleasure of visiting the village of Cluny as it stands in our modern age.

One of a sudden, on the third day, you will feel that we go south.   Indeed, most roofs will be in roman tiles and the fields of the mâconnais grape, right under Solutré, will be ready for pick up. We will then reach the Mâcon train station where you will get on the fast riding train, TGV No. 982m that will put you back in Paris at 9 :45 PM.


Lodging :

You will sleep at typical Burgundy small hotels where we will find a comfortable bed and a warm shower to rest after our active daily journey.


Food :

Evening meals will be taken at the hotel.  Lunch will be generous, inspired by traditional country cooking, warm or cold according to the weather.  At noon, it is always a pleasure to see from far away a well-dressed table, in the middle of a field, waiting for us.

The horses :
We know that the key to a horse trip is the horses.  That is why we have chosen and breed our own. They are all born in the Morvan region and they have lived all their life in the same region.  They are calm, well in their heads but, when need be or when requested, they are fast and generous.  They are capable of anything, they will surprise you and they will allow you to experience a unique riding trip and to discover a new form of riding.


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The horses