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The horses




Horse trip in Poland

I have organized riding trips in Poland since 1990, thanks to my knowledge of the language and of the local horse scene. I chose one of the most beautiful, wild and untouched regions that we can reach after a day car trip (the easiest and cheaper way to travel in Poland) from Prague. We are indeed in the sudètes in Poland where one finds fields, wild forests and the marvelous Karkonosze Mountains. Fields and mountains where water runs freely and abundantly, thereby inviting you to discover typical polish cities and villages. On top of the riding experience, you will also get acquainted with a country and with the people of a nation whose history is linked to the horse.
The horse trip to Poland is organized both in winter and summer.



Program :

Saturday : Arrival at Prague, city walk and night in town.
: Visit of Prague’s main monuments and departure to Poland in mid afternoon. Diner at the riding center.
Monday to Friday
: Ride in the sudètes, 5 days to discover marvelous and unique landscapes, going up and down the mountains and reaching typical castles and villages of the region.
: We become walkers again to visit  Jelena Gora and its market.
: Return back home.

Lodging :

We will sleep in hotels or at farms specially furnished for « ecotourism » where we will discover polish traditions.  They will provide us with a comfortable bed and a warm shower to rest after our active daily journey.


Food :

Evening meals will be taken at the hotel.  Lunch will be outdoors, it will be generous, warm or cold according to the weather.  At noon, it is always a pleasure to see from far away a well-dressed table, in the middle of a field or by a lake, waiting for us.


The horses :

We know that the key to a horse trip is the horses.  That is why we have chosen our own local horses, weather they be Anglo-Arabian or Silesien (local race),  they are perfectly fit and well adapted for the environment. They are calm, well in their heads, generous and capable of going up steep mountains and then running madly in the fields where they chase fox, rabbits and deer.


Formalities :

Valid passport.