Bernard SYMZAK ( GTE, AQA)
Véronique Dargier de Saint Vaulry

Centre Equestre de Montcharlon 58 170 CHIDDES

Tel/Fax : 03 86 30 42 78

8 days riding in Alsace

Description of the trip Riding level required
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Description de la randonnée
1st day : (Sunday)
Arrival and dinner at the Rhine Island of Vogelgrun at the « Le Caballin » hotel

First night
Le caballin
Ile du Rhin

Tel : 03 89 72 56 56

2nd day  : (Monday)
A few kilometers down the Rhine to make sure that both horses and riders are in good shape before reaching the Alsace plane which would take us west towards Bollenberg. Alsatian wine tasting dinner and night at « hotel du Bollenberg ».

Second night
Hôtel du Bollenberg
Tel : 03 89 49 62 47

3rd day  : (Tuesday)
We will start our journey riding through the wines which will quickly take us to the Vosges close to the Petit Ballon. We will cross Wasserbourg and then we will head down towards Munster before riding up again to Hohrodbergh. There, we will spend the night at the hotel Aqua-Viva which has a superb view over the valley and over the Vosges hills.

Third night
Hôtel Aqua-Viva
68 140 MUNSTER
Tel : 03 89 77 33 64

4th day  : (Wednesday)

A day in the mountain. We will visit the top of the hills that we saw in the evening. We will go up to 1 300 meters and we will cross the “White lake” and the “Black lake” . In the evening, we will go back to hotel Aqua-Viva.

4th night
Hôtel Aqua-Viva
68 140 MUNSTER
Tel : 03 89 77 33 64

5th day  : (Thursday)

We will leave the Vosges and go back to the wines area where we will have the pleasure to visit two of the most beautiful towns in Alsace : Kaysersberg and Riquewihr. We will spend the night at the Park hotel at Bergheim.

5th night
Hôtel du Parc
14 Route du vin
68 750 BERGHEM

Tel : 03 89 73 63 07

6th day : (Friday)

We will start the day by going towards the top of Haut Kœnigsbourg where we will discover an exceptional view of the wines and of the Alsatian planes. Long gallops will allow us to reach, before night, l’Auberge d’Artzenheim close to the Rhine.

6th night
Auberge d’Artzenheim
68 320 Artzenheim
Tel : 03 89 71 60 51

7th day  : (Saturday)

We will cross the Rhine to visit Kaisersthul and we will spend the day riding through the wines and the threes of a volcanic mountain located in the warmest region of Germany. We will cross the river again at Breisach to joint our starting point at the Rhine Island. 

7th night
Le caballin
Ile du Rhin
Tel : 03 89 72 56 56

8th day : (Sunday) Return after breakfast


Hotels of two or three stars at night and country meals at noon.

Riding level

Our horses are easy to ride. They are in great shape and they go anywhere. They are able to gallop long distances whilst on the plane and to jump up to the mountains. Given the length of our daily journeys, riders must be capable to stay on the horse for long hours, at different and quick speeds, on varied terrain. Riders must feel at ease walking, trotting and galloping and must be in good shape.